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Whidbey Island Business insurance can cover property while in transit

Many Whidbey Island businesses have the exposure of their goods and products being transported by a common carrier, local hauler, or even through their company owned vehicles. We have identified a number of risks associated with having goods in transit. A business insurance program can be designed to cover many, if not all, of these exposures.

  • Common Carriers–Many firms use a third party common carrier (UPS or FedEx) to ship goods. Make sure you use a firm that clearly takes responsibility for damaged products.
  • Theft–Theft of goods while in transit is a real concern. Make sure that your business insurance policy has property in transit coverage that includes theft, in case the common carrier has no coverage.
  • Packaging and Handling–How your products are packaged can contribute to, or cause, damage. Make sure that you have the proper packaging.
  • Warehousing Risk–Third party storage facilities present the risk of fire, theft, and other kinds of loss. These storage facilities may not be owned or operated by your common carrier. It will pay in investigate this to make sure that you are covered.
  • Political Risk–As we have seen recently, civil unrest can create a unique set of risks, where your goods may be delayed or damaged as a result of political unrest.

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