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Garage liability is the coverage that applies to the liability exposure associated with your autos and your inventory. If you are strictly in the business of selling cars, then this is the most basic coverage that you need.

Coverage should include:

Auto liability – coverage for liability arising out of the use of owned vehicles.

Physical damage to owned vehicles.

Garage keepers insurance is for those dealers and shops that take in cars owned by others and perform    repairs on those vehicles. The policy generally adds additional coverage by stating, “while the insured is attending, servicing, repairing, parking or storing it in your garage operations.”

Coverage should include:

Damage to customer vehicles -This section of the policy pays for physical damage which your dealership caused to a customer’s vehicle.

Damage to non-customer vehicles-This section provides policy in the event that someone in your dealership is involved in an accident, causing personal injury or property damage to someone else, while driving a customer’s vehicle.

There is no question that your dealership will be held responsible for damage to customers automobiles while in your care custody and control. The question is, how will you manage your risk?

Because each dealer’s situation is different, our team focuses on individual needs. We take the time to learn our clients background, story, objectives and business situation.

If you added any other personal items of value you may want to review your personal property limits to make sure you are covered correctly. Craven Insurance is a family owned, locally operated independent insurance agent and broker.  As an independent insurance agent, we can provide the best possible insurance products and prices from a number of different insurance companies. We love our local Washington state communities in Whidbey Island and Lake Stevens, but we’re happy to provide coverage for you no matter where you are