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Whidbey Island Auto Insurance

It is common for people to ask us why their auto insurance premiums going up.  In some cases, it is due to an increase in accidents or tickets.  However, there are many other reasons auto insurance premiums go up. Now may be a good time to have us complete a review of your auto insurance.  Call us today for a free review.

Reasons Why Your Auto Premiums Increase

  • You bought an expensive sports car.
  • You now have a teenage driver.
  • The deductibles on your policy are too low.
  • You drive more miles.
  • You have moved from the country into the city.

The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to help reduce your auto insurance premiums:

How to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premiums

 Increase your deductible.

  • Do not get tickets.
  • Buy older vehicles.
  • Use an independent agent to shop your insurance.
  • Combine your other policies for discounts.

At Craven Insurance we offer you the flexibility of shopping for and purchasing insurance on-line, over the phone or in person at one of our office locations. Whatever your choice you will be dealing with experienced licensed insurance agents that work for you, not for the insurance companies. And you can mix and match, get a quote on-line and then make a personal appointment with one of our agents to review your options.