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Now that you have made an investment in your dream classic car, it is time to insure your investment.  We can offer many Whidbey Island auto insurance options for your classic, collectable, and vintage cars.

Classic cars come in all shapes and sizes. Some are in movies and television shows, some are just your childhood favorites, like a1960 Corvette, 1957 Chevy, GTO, or Mustang.  Whatever the case, if you have a classic car, then classic car insurance needs to be part of your overall investment strategy.

Insurance coverage for classic autos has a number of unique features that you need to consider before deciding on a policy.

Insurance for Classic Car Insurance

If you own one of the classics, you will need to have the right kind of auto insurance.  Here are some features of classic car insurance.

  • Drive Coverage—You want to show off your car, so make sure your policy allows for real time driving coverage.
  • Agreed Value—Regular cars lose their value over time from the adverse effects of wear and tear. Classic, collectible, and vintage cars are a different story.  Many increase in value over time. With agreed value classic car insurance, if your car is declared a total loss after being stolen or damaged, you will receive the amount we agreed upon when you took out your policy. All you pay is the deductible.
  • Collision and Comprehensive Coverage—We have many limits and options available.
  • Roadside Assistance—As an option we can offer roadside assistance coverage, including towing to the nearest qualified repair shop, and basic emergency services like changing a flat, delivery of fuel, oil, or other essential fluids.

Craven Insurance is a family owned, locally operated independent insurance agent and broker.  As an independent insurance agent, we can provide the best possible insurance products and prices from a number of different insurance companies. We love our local Washington state communities in Whidbey Island and Lake Stevens, but we’re happy to provide coverage for you no matter where you are