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Emerald Harbor Marine

We founded Emerald Harbor Marine in 1991 when Elliott Bay Marina opened its docks. Today, our projects range from installing and integrating a range of systems on super-yachts to simple rigging jobs on offshore sailing cruisers, and we treat each one with the same dedication and care.

Elliott Bay Marina is one of the country’s premier marina’s and is a perfect location for us. We have slips for our customers, and moorage is available for nearly any size yacht. Much of our work can be done at our docks. Sea trials can be done right outside our front door. Downtown Seattle is just minutes away by car or boat.

As a member of the Canal Group, we have a great working relationship with Canal Boatyard, Pacific Fiberglass and Coastal Marine Engine. In fact, we have a wood working shop on site at Canal Boatyard. Between the skill sets of the Canal Group, every repair or installation on your commercial vessel or recreational boat can be done expertly by specialists.

Like safe navigation and seamanship, quality yacht service requires an awareness of a continually changing industry. We choose product lines only after extensive study and we ensure our technicians remain up-to-date with ongoing education. Technology changes daily in the marine world, and we feel it is part of our job to ensure our clients get the best products and services available.

Emerald Harbor Marine, Inc.
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